The first International Vermentino Wine Competition will take place in Sardinia, Cagliari, on February 17 and 18, 2020. 
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Tourism of the Italian Republic approved it last July “Vermentino is one of the most famous and well-known grapes of the whole Mediterranean basin and in Italy as well as abroad, more and more producers are focusing on variety. “In addition to Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria,” say Mario Bonamici and Andrea Campurra of APS Promo Eventi (Officially authorized body ed.), “is spreading to other Italian regions and obviously abroad.

The aim is to make the Competition increasingly important and participated by a large number of manufacturers. 

At an international level the attention is turned to the consolidated production coming from Corsica and France, to the interesting and promising producers from America and Australia, with some outsiders from South Africa and Bulgaria. There is a lot of expectation and curiosity for this first edition, we will do everything not to disappoint expectations”.

On the all the information where you can download immediately the necessary forms for participation. Applications must be received by 28 January 2020, while there will be time until 3 February to send the samples. There are several categories admitted to the competition, from still wines to sparkling wines and sparkling wines that fall within the PDO, PGI and GI categories as long as they have the words Vermentino on the label and a minimum percentage of vermentino of 85%. The organizers expect about 300 samples to participate.
Vermentino wines will be evaluated by panels of professionals of different nationalities composed of oenologists, sommeliers, journalists and bloggers.

Another very interesting note is, that for the Competition, the “Sartoriale” Tailormade VSG “Sartoriale” goblet, mouth-blown and made completely by hand, was specially made by italesse for Vermentino wines.
The goblet has already been tested by experts in the field with surprising results. #italesse